Knit vs. Crochet

The ongoing drama(?) of a girl torn between two obsessions with too little time.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Another WIP?!

I started making this Baby Cable Cap in black for my dad. Christmas presents...the perfect excuse to start more projects!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Alternating Windowpane Scarf - Done!

I really like this pattern--and on a size M hook it took probably less than 2 hours, which makes it ideal for holiday gift giving. I think somebody's mother might be seeing one of these in her future! I'm starting another one of these with the lavender ribbon I have.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Apple Pie

I baked my first-ever apple pie tonight! (We went apple picking in Jersey yesterday) It's funny how I've baked countless cheesecakes but never a plain ol' wholesome apple pie. Maybe it's that whole wholesome bit. But it sure makes the apartment smell cozy and fall-like what with the apples and cinnamon and butter and all.

P.S. Jon Stewart is phenomenal. How do you go on someone's show and school them while being HILARIOUS the whole damn time?!

Gray 17-9 Scarf -- Done!

Please excuse the PJs and the hair--I was so happy to have churned out this warm-but-itchy little guy so quickly that I wanted to capture it on camera!

Saturday, October 16, 2004

WIP - Grey 17-9 Scarf

Yarn: Unknown Grey (Gray?) Wool on a cone
Needles: #9 and #17
The label on the inside of the cone gives the color as "Tangerine" so I don't think it's correct. (By no stretch of the imagination or the digital camera's vagaries would this tweedy grey color be appropriately named after a citrus fruit.)
The cold weather is doing horrible things to me as far as projects go--I want to make something quick to wear like a scarf or a hat or mittens since it's getting chilly out, but instead of finishing what projects I have I keep just starting new ones hoping they'll go faster.
I've. Got. To. Stop. Just now I started looking at patterns for kitty hats online.
This scarf is definitely a product of this cold-weather-itch--I figured making a scarf with 9s and 17s (so...clinky...aaaaa!) would do the trick but it's still not going as fast as I'd like. Rawr!

WIP - Rib and Cable Mitten

I managed to get some work done on this while waiting during my first med school interview--needless to say I was a little preoccupied so my increases for the thumb (you can't see them, they're on the other side) are messy looking. I wish I'd done a rib for the wrist hem instead of just plain cast-on as the pattern directed--there's this ruffly thing going on which looks messy. I love cables though.

WIP - Blue Checkered Scarf

Yarn: Light Blue Acrylic from 5-and-dime
Needles: 9
I started this scarf probably about half a year ago and just now remembered about it...add another to the long long list of WIPs! The color of the blue is a bit darker than in the picture, I rather like how the checked squares of stockinette and reverse stockinette make a sort of woven effect.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

WIP - Sage Sonnet Torso

This it my progress so far on the Sage Sonnet--the torso is completed, but I'm worried that it's a little too big and that I bound off the edge too tightly. Eh. It will probably be fine--can't wait to get te sleeves done and the buttons on!

WIP - Shell-Stitch Cardigan

Yarn: unknown white Acrylic
Hook: I
This pattern is from a Columbia-Minerva "Learn to Crochet" booklet (also from, you guessed it--the rummage) . The pictured cardigan is in a light blue and looks more attractive than my white version is turning out to be--but there was a gap in my wardrobe for a white cardigan and not a blue one? (Also I had the white yarn :)


I was a bad bad person and started more projects without finishing the ones I had. I tried to avoid the shame of having done so by not blogging them, but I've realized the error of my ways.

WIP - Rib and Cable Mittens

Yarn: Blue 2-ply Wool/Acrylic blend from China
Needles: #4 dpns (from Rummage!)
This pattern is from an old Bernat "Handknit Classics" book that I got at the rummage. It has patterns for all manner of clothing items, with introductions to general technique and charts for various sizes. These mittens have a single cable on the backs, and looked too nice to resist. Maybe they'll be done by next winter?

Medical School Secondary Applications

These applications take up a lot of my mental capacity and a little of my time as well. Pictured are a residency application for tuition purposes, some other forms, and a book on medical ethics that I'm skimming over to prepare for my interviews. Wish me luck!

Kitten Pictures

Mack Checking out the Blog

Mack Checking out the camera

Mack Helping me with Applications

Mack is my little 13-week old. His interests include baked goods, helping me type, and 1111111116 (he typed that himself). This kitty is handsome, adorable, and a vicious killer who will stop at nothing to free the world from the tyranny of human hands and feet. I adore this little guy.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


So, all you readers, you (all 2 of you? hopefully?). Question: What are three pictures you'd like to see posted to the blog? The digital camera is so sweet.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Knit Out & Crochet

I stopped by the 6th Annual Knit-Out & Crochet today at Union Square.
It was totally crazy crowded! I couldn't stay long, since I had to kill two birds with one stone (i.e. stop by the Petco KittyKind and get Mack his boosters) and I had a kitten on me. I managed to pick up some free patterns, see a LOT of sweet creations, and get rather inspired by a big loop-trimmed coat at the fashion show.
Aaa! I wish I were faster at knitting and crocheting--so many projects, so little time!!!
p.s. I started making a hooded scarf from some of my rummage-sale yarn, from a pattern out of a rummage-sale pamphlet...


Picture of various yarns acquired at rummage sale. In the bag is a half-finished sweater with an unexpected bonus pair of both straight and circular needles. I hate to unravel but the color scheme isn't for me, and neither is the size. Also a half-finished/unraveled mardi gras multicolor thing (capelet?) with a tag that says "Capri" somewhere in there. Congratulate me, 95% of this yarn is NOT acrylic!
In addition to the yarn and notions, I picked up half a dozen tremendously exciting pattern books/pamphlets.
Oh, and I got about 30 books, ranging from my favorite modern library versions of classics dating from the 40's to Nick Hornby's How to be Good. The star purchase is a copy of Simon de Beauvoir's The Mandarins.
Today was the best rummage day ever.


So today we went into Jersey to a rummage sale. It was SO sweet. Not only did I get a decent bunch of yarn and a hell of a lot of notions (see above pic--includes rings, buckles, all possible colors of bias tape/lace/elastic/rickrack), I got about 6 pairs of circular needles, a pair of #10s, 4 pairs of short dpns (sizes 2-5), and pinking shears. Holy crap I felt like I won the used goods lottery.