Knit vs. Crochet

The ongoing drama(?) of a girl torn between two obsessions with too little time.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wren Wednesday

I have a hanging basket of impatiens on my shady front porch which I've been remembering to water sporadically over the past season. A few weeks ago, I went to water the basket and noticed a lot of sticks and dead leaves in the basket. WTF did those come from? was my thought as I pulled the basket down to clean it.
I was answered by a small bird flying out at and past my head. Feeling rather strangely guilty (excuse me for perturbing you, miss birdie, during your beauty rest in MY hanging basket which you have so kindly filled with crap while squashing my flowers), I replaced the basket and went back inside.
Of course I've been keeping an eye on the contents of the basket over the past weeks, and noted 4 sweet little white and brown speckled eggs which at some point (I check about weekly rather than daily, both out of a desire to let them have their peace and being busy) turned into some rather unattractive naked babies.
About a week later, they've filled in with some downy feathers and are looking rather cute as a result.
As I sit at my dining room, I can hear the babies chirping through the open window, and every so often turn my head to see the parents bringing tasty little treats to them.
It seems odd to me that they chose to nest on my porch, given that my cats' favorite spot to perch is the long window that faces out onto it, but perhaps they enjoy the irony of being stared at all day by cats stuck inside. Or maybe the rocking of the basket just lulls the babies right to sleep...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cat Wednesday

I've been rather sporadic about posting, I know--what can I say, I've been too busy crafting stuff and being generally lazy and nonproductive to want to brag to the whole wide web about it.
I have been getting some stuff done, however, on three fronts:
1) Wedding plans--so I don't think I mentioned it in the blog, but I'll be doing that whole wedding thing next May. The idea of wedding planning gives me the heebie jeebies--don't get me wrong, I like the guy and all (we HAVE been living in sin for 6+ years, after all), it's just that I'm not the wedding planning type. Thus, we'll be having a destination wedding that the fiance has graciously agreed to arrange. I'll still serve as creative director but he will do the knitty gritty of calling planners, etc. Wedding crafting--now THAT'S more my cup of tea. I've been hard at craft...but more will come on that.

2) Residency application--I've finally started writing a personal statement for pathology programs. Writing personal statements, for me, is a bit like a colonoscopy. (I've yet to have one myself, but I've seen a number of them. Just one of the numerous glamorous perks that medical school offers!) You know it's for your own good , but yet you put it off as long as you can, and you dread the ordeal for months before you have to actually do it. You feel a great deal of relief once it's done, then you wait anxiously for the results. Unfortunately, the writing of a personal statement doesn't come with an anesthesiologist.
3) Taking pictures of the kitties. Who(which) are wonderful, as you can see.