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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Tiny Tank- Done!

I am very happy with how this tank top turned out. I started working on this project probably about a year and a half ago and I'm glad it's finally finished. I did the last 75% of it (the top of the front) in the past week on and off the train--it went faster because of the stockinette and the fact that the shapings kept my interest. And yes, my mirror is a little dirty. And yes, I am standing at an angle so I look skinnier. Ha!

Back View (pardon the strap.)

Baby Lacey Hat - Done!

Model: My hand.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Tiny Tank WIP

from Make it with Mademoiselle

Yarn: Red Heart Soft Baby in Sky Blue
Needles: #3
I've been working on this project probably longer than anything else in my backlog. That's K1, P1 rib, BTW, on everything but the top right (top of front)...on #3s...aaaa. I'm really not a big mindless-monotonous-knitting person. I like variety, even if only the occasional twist or cable, to keep me interested. I had sort of put this away for the winter (to make foxes on big needles and the like), but with the hints of spring that the crazy NY weather has been peppering the end of this interminable winter with (say that ten times fast), I decided to pull it back out and give it a shot. I've actually made pretty good progress on it this week on the train! Look! I'm halfway up a boob already!

Star Baby Afghan

from Beth Parsons

Yarn: Worsted Acrylic in Blue and White
Hook: G
This was another of the baby gifts, made with the same light blue yarn as the cardigan below. It's shown blocking, at an angle. When I saw this pattern for a star-shaped blanket I couldn't resist. It's too cute.

Baby Ensemble Sweater-Blue

This was another of the baby shower gifts to that co-worker. I made this exact same sweater in pink for one of the SO's cousins' babies. Being that this was for a boy, I wanted to keep it simple, and left off the pom-pom chickens. I think this time around the sweater was better executed technically (with the exception of the top and 2nd button being too close) but the yarn was stiffer.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Something Blocking this way comes...

Baby Lacy Hat WIP

from MWillson

Yarn: Lion Brand Jamie in Happy Time Print
Hook: G
One of the PIs at work got married last year and no one knew about it until recently, when suddenly word got out that they just had a baby. Looking at a picture of that adorable adorable baby girl made me want to make a baby hat. I modified the above pattern to make it smaller--4dc shells instead of 5dc, less increasing. I also am in the process of adding a super-cheesy ruffled brim. (sc all around, next round 4dc, 1dc all around).

Baby Cable Hat II

from Knitlist

Yarn: Red Heart "With Wool" in beige
Needles: #8 circulars, #6 dpns for the decreasing
I liked this hat so much after making one for my dad that I had to make another one. Also, despite the huge backlog of WIPs, I didn't have one suitable for train work. To give you an idea of how slow I knit, this took me approximately 5 hours to make.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Baby Shower Gifts!

We had a baby shower for my 7.5-months pregnant co-worker today at work, and I finally got to give her some of the cute baby things I'd made. Yay!

Bib and Mittens in Shaded Denim

Yarn: Sugar n' Cream in Shaded Denim
Needles: #3 and #5 dpns
Mittens from, bib from knitlist. I love these mittens.

Mint Print Baby Ensemble

Yarn: Lion Brand Jamie in Mint Print
Hook: I
From the Lion Brand website.

A close-up of the booties and bonnet.