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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Finished! Baby Ensemble Sweater

Whoo-hoo! I finished my first sweater with sleeves!
Self-congratulations done with, I must say that I really screwed up quite a bit on this little critter.
~To start with (ha. ha.) I cast on far too loosely (you can even tell in this bad photo) so it looks sloppy.
~I didn't space my buttonholes evenly, so there ended up being 5 rather than 6 as the instructions called for.
~I picked up and knitted the sleeves with the wrong side facing, which looks bad.
~Since the back is knit going down, you're sewing up two sides going in opposite directions. Though it probably shouldn't have, this really messed me up and the side sewing is bad.
~Since I'm just bad at sewing in general, the decorative hen and chicks aren't as cute as they could be.
BUT--it was a fantastic learning experience, just as I meant it to be. Plus, I didn't run out of yarn, which I was DEATHLY afraid of during the last stretch. I even had enough to sew buttons.
Now the question--is it too messed up to give to someone for their CHILD to wear? Hmm...


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