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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cat Wednesday

I've been rather sporadic about posting, I know--what can I say, I've been too busy crafting stuff and being generally lazy and nonproductive to want to brag to the whole wide web about it.
I have been getting some stuff done, however, on three fronts:
1) Wedding plans--so I don't think I mentioned it in the blog, but I'll be doing that whole wedding thing next May. The idea of wedding planning gives me the heebie jeebies--don't get me wrong, I like the guy and all (we HAVE been living in sin for 6+ years, after all), it's just that I'm not the wedding planning type. Thus, we'll be having a destination wedding that the fiance has graciously agreed to arrange. I'll still serve as creative director but he will do the knitty gritty of calling planners, etc. Wedding crafting--now THAT'S more my cup of tea. I've been hard at craft...but more will come on that.

2) Residency application--I've finally started writing a personal statement for pathology programs. Writing personal statements, for me, is a bit like a colonoscopy. (I've yet to have one myself, but I've seen a number of them. Just one of the numerous glamorous perks that medical school offers!) You know it's for your own good , but yet you put it off as long as you can, and you dread the ordeal for months before you have to actually do it. You feel a great deal of relief once it's done, then you wait anxiously for the results. Unfortunately, the writing of a personal statement doesn't come with an anesthesiologist.
3) Taking pictures of the kitties. Who(which) are wonderful, as you can see.


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