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Thursday, December 06, 2007

New Knitty!

New Knitty! Whoo! The beauty of Knitty + Ravelry is that it's only been what, less than a week, and already I can click on the patterns and see finished objects of some of the items!
There are quite a few items that I think are nifty and swell, but would probably never make due to the fact that I'd never use them. For instance:
Deceiving- A great concept, but I've got enough gloves to last me a lifetime already (though I'm still in need of a pair of (FO) fingerless gloves to keep the Reynaud's at bay while I type!)--though I absolutely love the designer's quote that "She finds that if you have wonderful enough accessories, it is possible to look forward to cooler weather so you can finally get to wear them." My sentiments exactly...for some reason this year I find myself wanting MORE MORE MORE scarves. Good thing I..umm...make them.
Tams - So pretty! But unlike scarves and gloves, I almost never wear hats.

Two patterns I'm actually planning to make (maybe, once the WIPs dwindle a bit) are
Quant - I've been wanting to try my hand at entrelac for a while but haven't found a project I wanted to do yet (I'm too busy/lazy to learn new techniques unless there's something I want to make RIGHT NOW with them :)--this looks like the perfect little guy to warm up my ears and learn entrelac at the same time. I may make this in the same Simply Soft Shadows I'm making my Circle Shrug in--I anticipate having some skeins left over.
Jeanie - Like many, I've totally fallen in love with this wrap. I love cables. I love lace. I love this wrap. Now I just need to A) Finish off some of my current projects, because I'm sure this will take a while. B) Find an appropriate yarn sub that isn't 100% wool. (My wool allergy gets worse the more I knit with 100% wool or wear it against my skin, so...kind of trying to stay away from that.)


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