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Monday, September 17, 2007

Itchy Fingers

So far I've managed to be reasonably good about my knitting projects--I still only have one technically on the needles, but I'm getting so so impatient to start a new project, what with the new knitty and having bought yarn for the Lace Leaf Pullover.
Re: said yarn, being cheap and lazy, I just wandered over to my local A.C. Moore (my favorite craft store, mostly because of the nice ladies that work there, and my being 500 miles away from my beloved metalliferous) and wandered the aisles looking for an acceptable shade of green. Unfortunately I was absolutely unable to find a shade of green that I liked other than in Vanna's Choice, which as you may or may not know is "the first celebrity-endorsed yarn" or some such, and happens to be *gasp, horror* acrylic. I really tried, you know. I looked at every skein of green yarn in that place--twice, even!--cotton, wool, bamboo, alpaca, and every mixture thereof, but I honestly could not find the perfect green in any other yarn. So Olive it is.
Of course, I was also too lazy to go to an actual LYS.
The yarn, of course, is just a worsted weight rather than the bulky called for in the pattern, but at the moment I'm kind of over uber-bulky sweaters--case in point my Ubernatural which was fun to make and comfortable as all get-out but makes me feel as padded as a polar bear while wearing it.
I swatched the VC (as it will now be called) and got 15x20 to 4" in stockinette on 10.5s (the biggest needles the yarn would "work" on), which is quite a bit off from the 10x14 called for by the pattern. Given the many web reports of problems with shoulder shaping, collar tightness, etc. I'm just going to morph the leaf motifs, ribbed collar/hem, and sleeve patterning with another sweater that matches my gauge-- Knitty's Lite Brite and call it a day. Add in this chart of the leaf motif upside-down and away I'll go.
As soon as I finish my Tubey. If I can hold out!



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