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Sunday, July 22, 2007


A little Sunday afternoon science experiment, using hibiscus, sage, sweet basil, and pineapple sage.!
What could it be?

Infused vodka, of course!
Even though I rarely drink anything other than coffee, much less cocktails these days (le sigh), it occurred to me that all the fresh herbs I've got in the garden could make some really tasty infused vodkas. I remember (somewhat less-than-clearly) a great evening with friends at the Russian Vodka Room trying a variety of vodkas infused with flavors like strawberry or ginger. While I'm not sure yet what I'll do with sage vodka, the pineapple sage and basil should make for some fun cocktails or at the very least a unique vodka tonic. I'm cautiously optimistic.

And yes, those of you who notice these things may have observed that I'm using a somewhat...budget-conscious vodka for my base. Please feel free to send donations to help me out with this sad situation.


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