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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Pretty new deck!

My plants in the garden may be withering away, but damn, the deck DOES look nice with a wash and stain...
Yesterday I was in the local Lowe's getting some Black Hen (my mom swears by it, and it's the only place I've been able to find the damn stuff.) when I noticed they had a huge selection of bulbs for 50% off. Being unable to resist anything on sale, however a) useless b) out of season c) difficult to work with, I bought the following:
-dutch iris, blue
-anemone de caen - sylphide
-brodiaea "Queen Fabiola"
-gladiolus "Video"
All but the tuberose were in a blue-hued variety pack. The pictures on the front of the package were just too pretty to resist. So instead of studying for my neurology exam (this coming friday) I spent the last few hours mixing potting soil, compost, sand, and black hen and potting bulbs. Of course it's been pouring all day long so I spent quite some time enjoying being soaked.
I don't know how this flower thing snuck up on me. I've always liked flowers, but usually in cut form, wrapped up with cello and presented to me on some special occasion. The thought of growing them myself would never have crossed my mind a few short months ago...


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