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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Pictured above: The current plot (looking artificially much greener due to fallen leaves from windy day yesterday). The progress of my broccoli. My windowsill nursery, featuring morning glories. This weekend instead of studying I once again futzed around in the garden, sowed some more veggies (squash, cucumber, and lettuce) and made a dress.
Yes, I made a dress. Somehow I came across a tutorial by rostitchery on sewing a "one-seam infinity dress" and then I got on one of my characteristic impulsive "gotta have it now now now" missions, bought a bunch of red polka dot and olive green stretchy fabric from wally world (6 yds of each, WAY too much) and started cutting.
Sadly, it was then discovered that our current sewing machine, an absolutely gorgeous antique Necchi that belonged to the boy's nana did not have a zig zag stitch. I was sad. I shelved my project, but the little voice in my head would just NOT shut up, so I googled "hand stretch stitch" and handsewed almost the whole darn thing. Hours and hours later, here we are:

The twisted-back style leaves something to be desired given that the wrong side of the fabric makes too much of an appearance. Sigh.
All in all I'm pretty pleased--it's my first dress, and I think it's rather lovely. we'll see how it holds up to wearing this weekend at a semi-formal--hopefully my hand stitching holds up to hours of dancing


At 1:21 PM, Anonymous Sandra @ Birdsong said...

Wow! Lovely dress. It makes me want to sew one right now--considering my lack of sewing skills that's amazing.

At 3:05 PM, Blogger Sara said...

Do it! It really doesn't require too much sewing--I actually really dislike sewing, but this was totally worth it!


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