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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I think this gardening thing is going to be wonderful in terms of developing my patience and humility.
Doesn't that sound just disgustingly virtuous?
Really, I want to talk about how I fiddle around the garden daily, transplanting this, watering that, moving pots around on my deck.
Though it's definitely warm enough out to move my containers out onto the deck for good, the deck is in the midst of being refinished (i.e. boy is powerwashing, staining, etc.) so they're still living in the sunroom for now. The house has a very wide soffit however so unfortunately the plants in there get little direct sunlight except for first thing in the morning. (Said sunroom, messy, pictured at night.)
Today I had an unexpected two-hour break in the middle of my day so I transplanted the rest of my snap peas into the ground. Of course this was right around noon when the sun was absolutely baking, so perhaps not the best timing on my part, but I had a clinical laboratory to go tour in the afternoon.
I think I've probably bitten off more than I can chew with the gardening this year...with two large decks and 1.7 acres of (albeit mostly wooded) property my space is essentially unlimited, and so I've decided to grow...let's see now...20-some-odd different plants, with absolutely zero gardening knowledge under my belt. Other than a homemade concoction of liquid soap and hot sauce and dishes of stale beer I've got absolutely no pest/disease-fighting skills, and in fact will probably require about 3 hours' worth of googling just to IDENTIFY any pests more exotic than aphids and slugs.
And everything grows so slowly! Unlike any of my other hobbies..knitting...beading...polymer-ing... no matter how much work (or fiddling) I do with the plants, they don't grow any faster! Hence why I keep buying new pots and new plants, because...I want something to do!
When I look at pictures from a month ago, I at least do see some progress. I also realize that I've planted my broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower way too late and that it's going to be too hot out for them. I also grow doubtful about all the labeled "days to maturity" on my plants--70-some days? It's been a month and my beans have barely reached the 1-foot mark, my cabbages are about 3 inches tall, and my carrot seedlings almost require a magnifying glass to see. My pepper seeds didn't even germinate!
I wonder if I'll end up with any edible veggies after all this...


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