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The ongoing drama(?) of a girl torn between two obsessions with too little time.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Free Time

...something I've had far too little of this year. This rotation I've had more of it than ever, and I find myself back at the old activity of surfing the web (with some help from flickr and...gasp, facebook, to which I've finally succumbed). I found myself looking at this pattern and wanting badly to pick up the needles and whip that bad boy (girl?) up.
Let's face it. Despite everything that medical school is throwing at me and a not-yet-entirely-quenched love of nerdy medical science and patient care, I'm still an obsessive hobbyist. Knitting, crocheting, gardening...I pick new hobbies up like other girls do fashion trends (so I hear), and I read, practice, and blog my little heart out. And I love it. I always want my hobbies and crafts to be part of my life. I want to be the neo-hippie mom who dresses her kids in handknit everything, packs them lunchboxes with organic, homegrown veggies, and forces them to contruct pointless little crafts every weekend. But I want, too, to be a well-read, somewhat-known research-oriented physician who yet spends enough time with their patients to listen to them--and still makes enough to pay for malpractice insurance, medical school loans, and the occasional trip to a carribean country.
Will I ever have enough free time in my life to be able to do everything I want to do--travel, knit, garden, raise cats (and later kids)...and have the career I want, too?


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