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Saturday, September 15, 2007

New books, yay!

I received an order from yesterday containing three knitting books. Needless to say, I was rather excited. (I got a great deal on them, too!)
The Knitters Bible - Claire Crompton - Pretty basic techniques/stitches/projects book. I pretty much just got it for the charted stitch patterns. I work so much better from charted patterns than those written out. There's a cute baby sweater in the patterns, but that's about all.
Yarnplay - Lisa Shobhana Mason - Early in the book, the author says "there are two types of knitters: those who are into intense stitch patterns, like cables or lace, and those who are into working with color" and goes on to say she's one of the latter. Being staunchly one of the former camp (I think the most colors I've had in a project is three...and then only with great angst...), I bought this to try to expand my color horizons. The projects I liked are Edie, a cute asymmetrical cardi (pictured in a lovely shade of blue), Lorelei, a tank with fun construction (though will be a challenge to add shaping to, as the bottom is knit sideways in mostly stockinette. methinks some ribbing might help.), and Everything (but the kitchen sink), a sweater that looks like the perfect stashbuster. (Pictures, L)

Domiknitrix - Jennifer Stafford - I've been wanting this book for the longest time and don't know why I never ended up getting it. I love it. While it's a lot more opinionated than most learn-how-to-knit books out there, that's quite a bit of the appeal. I particularly like the "I'd rather knit a seamless sweater than sew a single seam" bit and the emphasis on shaping and fit. The projects seem pretty solid, though I doubt I could do the devil hat any time other than halloween. I like the l'il red riding hoodie (love the details like the elbow patches) and the sweetheart sweater (love the neckline, would replace the intarsia with a nice intricate lace or cable panel--I'm still a monotone kind of gal!). (pictures, L) I absolutely adore the colored panels on the diva halter as well, but just don't agree with halters knit in bulky yarns (my two previous knit halters have seen little to no wear...). I wonder if I could just join the two straps to the back tank-top style rather than connecting them together to form the halter...


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