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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

List Time!

The garden has been withering away over the past month and a half with the drought and 100+ temperatures. I try to water the plants in the beds once every other day (every day for the tomato) and the containers on the deck twice a day, the result of which is that the container plants seem to be doing much better now than the ones in the ground. Right now the ones that are still productive are:
-Better Boy Tomato - just a few left, thanks to drought and an attach of these terrible black beetles.
-Straight 8 cucumbers - though again, in small numbers thanks to the drought. Also, I don't know whether it's due to pollination or some other factors, but some of them are terribly bitter and they're all VERY thick-skinned. I've got some delish refrigerator pickles out of them though!
-Sweet Banana Pepper (container) - my hardiest one so far, making smaller peppers in the heat but still doing well overall. Too bad I don't really care for banana peppers.
-California Wonder Pepper (container) - plant is doing great, fruits are getting destroyed by gigantic grasshoppers/sun scald. Hopefully my moving it into the sunroom will mitigate both these pests. Though of course, I don't really care for bell peppers either.
-Basils - Thai, Sweet Italian, and Cinnamon. All trying their best to seed seed seed but still providing me tons of tasty little leaves for my pizzas, stir-fries, and sauces. Definitely big contributors to my kitchen!
- Sage - Both my big plant and its various little cuttings are going strong. Though not as versatile as the basils, I did make some lovely roast chicken with it this evening.
- Sun Gold Tomato (pictured) - had a barren spell (after my absence and the corresponding inadequate watering) but is starting to fruit again with my love and twice-daily water. Still delicious, but a few of them are getting nibbled at despite my magic spray of soap, neem, and pepper sauce.
There's some morning glory creeping about and some tuberoses that I'm still praying will bloom, as well as a sundry assortment of flowers in various states of despair, but those are the main characters in my gardening sitcom.

On to knitting...I'm too lazy to take a picture of my VK Lace-Edge Jacket, but trust me on this, I'm almost done--just about finished with putting the crocheted trim around the body.
I feel pretty proud of myself for soldiering through this whole project without starting a new one. (Nevermind the endless backlog of WIPs which I keep re-discovering as I'm going through The Stash.) Of course, now that ending time is near, I'm looking for a new project to grace my needles...just for my own recollection, here are a few on my list from Knitty:
-Emerald Seas from Summer '07. I think I love it so much because of the fabulous color and gorgeous photography. I don't think I have a suitable yarn in my stash, but I haven't plowed through the whole bunch yet...
-Isabella from Spring '07. I'm not sure how the split-neck will look in actuality, and I'm concerned it will dip too low for work. It looks like I might be able to just knit the lace together a little higher to draw up the neckline.
-Tempting II from Winter '05. I love the whole knit-in-round-no-finishing thing, I truly truly do, but I hate 1x1 rib, and tend not to find short-sleeve knit sweaters all that wearable. This, too, awaits the right yarn.
-Tubey, also from Winter '05. I was not at first interested in this design, (though the model's sporting it one F train stop from my old home in brooklyn was sort of cool) but looking back at it, it's really a nifty construction and makes for a neat neckline. I'll definitely be able to find some stash yarns to use up in this project, though I'm not sure what direction I want to go with the stripes.
Well, that's enough for now. My whole desk is covered in knitting mags, so I could go on and on forever, but...that'd be boring.


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