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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Current WIPs

#1) Grey Lacey Tubey: Progressing slowly but surely through the sleeve/back portion. While I believe that I've got the apparently-critical armpit-to-armpit back measurement correct, I live in constant fear that bunchiness will occur once the body is picked up.

#2) I've been a bad bad girl and couldn't resist swatching for and subequently casting on for Cherie Amour from the Fall Knitty. It's progressing along rather quickly, so I don't feel quite as guilty about starting a second pullover project while the first is still on sleeve island.

In other news, a knitty surprise has come up--while it kind of creeps me out it strikes me as rather clever as well. If I made it I'd almost certainly leave the skellington-mouth off to prevent people clubbing me as a would-be (albeit knit-handy) mugger.

In other other news, I received my holiday vogue knitting today and I am completely unenthused about any of the patterns or features. Given my recent greedy pattern reading and restrained-with-difficulty startitis, this is somewhat of a feat, but that's what you get when half of your patterns make even the lovely models look like squat toadstools and the other half of the patterns are completely unwearable. Sigh.


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