Knit vs. Crochet

The ongoing drama(?) of a girl torn between two obsessions with too little time.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Horrible Harness

From: My twisted mind

Yarn: Red acrylic
Hook: I
Being that I am crazy, I thought it might be sort of fun for Mack to take little trips into the back yard. It's fenced in, but I'd feel better if he was on a harness. He moves fast for someone whose legs are 4 inches long. Frustrated by the lack of small-size harnesses at the store, I took matters into my own hands. I crocheted this very simple harness on the train this morning and sewed some buttons on just now for fasteners. It's so cute. I managed to slip it on him while he was nibbling a snack. I will translate the look in his eyes in the above picture: "WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME?!" After the picture was taken, he began trying to bite it off. I got it off him without losing any fingers, but the little guy might never trust me again.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Fuzzy Capelet

From Groovy Crochet

Yarn: Phentex Harmony (brushed acrylic) in #03, Aran
Hook: H
The picture shown with the pattern is a much thinner, lighter piece. In this yarn, it turned out warmer and snugglier. I feel like a fuzzy little sheep when I wear it.
In other news, we went hiking this weekend and I spotted a church rummage sale on the side of the road. We stopped and I was rewarded with a bag of fiber for $5. 4 skeins of my old stand-by, the wal-mart acrylic in white, a big cone of grey/black wool, some little balls, and 5 balls of crochet thread in varying shades of beige and ecru. I'd better start crocheting up some doilies!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Woodland Scarf WIP

I've been working on it on the train. An older woman next to me tapped me on the shoulder to ask me what it was, and to compliment me on the "lovely pattern." Whoo! I'm really liking how the simple sc into the back loop only is making the chevron ridge design (you probably can't see it too clearly). It's got a sort of origami feel to it what with the ridging and the thin yarn.

Tp Cozy

From Crochet n' More

Yarn: 5-and-dime closeout sale blue yarn, Wal-Mart beige acrylic
Hook: I
I made this tp cozy way way back in the day (before I understood what working in a ch # space meant...), and enjoyed its comforting and reassuring presence in our apartment bathroom. Just recently, it has made its way to New Jersey where (I assume) it now resides somewhere in my boyfriend's parents' house.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Cute Kitty Puse - Done!

From Marlo's Crochet Corner, Shown with black kitten, sold separately.

Yarn: Acrylic Scraps
Hook: G
I've decided that I hate hate hate finishing. Decorating, embroidery, sewing on of buttons, weaving in ends. Hate it. I don't think I'm alone?

WIP - Woodland Scarf

From Adult Ramblings

Yarn: Unlabeled Sport Weight Acrylic
Hook: J
Sometime earlier this year, my boyfriend's mother bought me a big bag of mixed yarn that she'd picked up at a flea market, knowing my knitting/crocheting obsession. It was like christmas. It was, I think, all acrylic, but at least *vintage* acrylic. Among the bunch was a bag of 5 skeins of yarn of varying shades of brown. When I came across this Woodland Scarf pattern, I realized it was just meant to be. (Heck, there was even a J hook stuck in the bag.) The pattern calls for worsted but I figure I'll just throw in an extra few rows and live with a narrower scarf. Yay! New subway project!

Pink Solomon Scarf - Done!

This scarf probably took all of 30 minutes to make. And yes, I AM wearing a tank top with duckies on it. And yes, for your information, I AM 10 years old*.

*not really. hey, it's sunday.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Afghan in Hiding

To complete the tour of my apartment via pictures of WIPs, I bring you... My yarn work bag, inside my pay-the-bills work bag, featuring *ta-da!* Wal-mart beige acrylic and an I hook for my Checkerboard Afghan squares, the perfect subway project.

Mitten Cuff

You can't tell, but I started a mitten. It's big, for a manly man. Right now it's just a cuff.

Another WIP

Sage Sonnet, lying on my dining table on top of a pair of scissors, in front of an alarm clock, and bordered by a stitch marker (earring) and a stitch holder (hairclip).

Pink Solomon Scarf

An instant gratification project...
A very simple scarf knotted up from 2 balls of yarn from China!
The one on the left, a ball of peach ribbon laced with white circles (can't think of what this is called). The one on the right, a ball of pink mohair.

Monday, September 06, 2004


I started knitting Knitty's Sonnet today because yesterday was a Wal-mart trip.
Yarn: Red Heart Light N' Lofty in Sage
Needles: #15 (2 stitches/inch! Beat that for fast!)
As I was knitting up a swatch, Mack started sleeping on my feet, so I was forced to interrupt my knitting to pick him up and let him sleep on my lap for a bit. I am so happy.

Kitty Bed w/ Kitty (Leaving)

Kitty Bed- From Midnight Knitter
The first night I had my kitty I stayed up until 3AM trying to think of names for him. (He's now named Mack, BTW) Along the way I whipped up this kitty bed which will undoubtedly be ignored.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

My new baby.
Looks like I'll be crocheting cat toys from now on :) :) :)