Knit vs. Crochet

The ongoing drama(?) of a girl torn between two obsessions with too little time.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sweet Hummingbird

This weekend I was at the new house with the boy and supervising his construction activities in the comfort of a screened gazebo we set up on the deck. Out of nowhere this big buzzy flying thing swoops in and starts flying frantically around the top of the tent. My first reaction was that it was the biggest of many big bugs I'd seen that day, but then I realized that it, in fact, was a hummingbird! I snapped a few shots of the little critter before helping him out of the tent:

As a side note, apparently hummingbirds are not terribly clever/have extremely limited visual fields, as I actually had to PICK HIM UP and move him outside the tent by hand--gentle shooing just didn't do it. Maybe all that vibrating makes it difficult for the brain to process information properly. But anyway, when was the last time YOU held a hummingbird in your (paper-towel-covered) hand?


I know it's been a while since I updated, but I got a new rabbit last Thursday. Her name is Jameson, after my ol' standby whisky and also due to the fact that we're not absolutely sure whether she's a she or a he.
Either way, Jameson has been a feisty little sweetheart--a little spastic in that funny bunny way, but very sweet--her paws don't get great traction on the floor so she sort of puddles into a sprawl of bunny when I pet her for extended periods of time.
She's also growing exponentially and soon will be bigger than mack, who so far is SOOOO interested in/freaked out by her.
The first time I let them interact somewhat without an intervening cage she hopped towards him and he kept backing up until he was on his hind legs against a corner. WIMP.
And yes, I clip his claws and watched them like a bunny-loving HAWK in those moments.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

So little time.

I woke up this morning to find my new sweetheart lying on her side in her cage, dead.
Yesterday around noon she was fine, happy, hopping around and bringing joy to my heart just watching her play (and you know for a cynical bitch like me to say a phrase like "bring joy to my heart" that it really must have meant something...).
Yesterday early evening she had a little diarrhea and wasn't moving around as much. I figured I'd given her a treat that disagreed with her and kept checking in on her periodically.
Yesterday later in the evening she seemed to be moving around a little more, so I figured she was on the mend and went to bed.
And so it goes.
I should have known better, I should have taken her to the vet, I should have known.
She's just a bunny. I only had her for a week, barely enough time to get attached to her. Poor sweet little girl.
It seems so callous, but I'm going to get a "replacement" thursday. Thank goodness for warranties on pets, eh?
Sigh. I don't know if it was my fault or the pet store's.
I need to stop thinking about it.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

I'm not cat food!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Cute. Overload. For Real.

What is that?!

Only the cutest little bun-bun ever!

Yes, yes, I'm afraid I gone and did it. I got a rabbit. All that CuteOverload-ing could lead to no good, and here she is.
She's an awfully sweet little lap-fluff-pile, though.

So far I'm just trying to stifle urges to pick her up and squeeze her, and letting her get used to her cage. From what I've read, cats and bunnies can coexist, but there'a no way my demon is getting near this baby right now--hopefully when she grows a bit she'll be able to throw her weight around a little more, but they're in separate rooms right now and for some foreseeable future.
I have to find a name for her. So far she's definitely Lady Fluffington or some such ridiculousness, but I need a proper first name. Any ideas?

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Rise & Shine Necklace!

I've been making a lot of goodies for the Etsy shop and barely have time to list them all, much less blog about all of them. I'm so pleased with this one, though, that I felt it was blog-worthy. I present to you: the rise & shine necklace!

I've been wanting to make plate-o-food necklaces for quite some time now, but just a plate by itself seemed so...forlorn and incomplete. I found these knife and fork charms and voila, the necklace! The chain is repurposed from a necklace that had a bunch of dangly stuff on it (now replaced with breakfast).
In other exciting news, the Mack is Back sale generated $114 for the no-kill shelter, yay! It was really exciting--I think the sale definitely boosted sales, which was AWESOME. Crafting stuff + helping kitties = crazy cat lady nirvana.
So I decided that I'm going to continue this donation business--way back in september of last year I posted about Joggin for the Noggin, an organization started by some amazing folks to benefit brain cancer research. From now on, I will be donating 15% of the purchase price of every item to them. Brain cancer= bad! Craftiness = good!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Kitty Pillow!

I got the most wonderful kitty pillow from my FOC today! She's so adorable, and absolutely perfect for me.
Look at how freakin' adorable she is! She's totally gorgeous--made out of a vintage-rose-print fabric on one side, and olive corduroy on the back and in a star applique. (My FOC had made me a knitting needle roll out of the olive corduroy and I'd mentioned it was snuggly enough to sleep with at night and here it is!) I had a cat pillow on my wist but this is MUCH CUTER!!!
And what a beautiful little face, with the prettiest black carved victorian rose buttons for eyes--here she is, looking longingly out of the window:

And here she is with Mack:

She is totally awesome and I can't wait to find out who my FOC is! I haven't been trying too hard to figure her out, I've basically established from handwriting I think that I haven't swapped with her before, but you never know...people are sneaky. In any case I've been such a bad detective (1 out of 5 ain't...totally terrible...) that she's really in no danger of being revealed.
Now, to think of a name for my new friend!

Crafty Promo!

So the amazing hertrigger on craftster is putting together a craft promo program for crafty entrepreners--it'll be like the sampler, but awesomer. Yes, awesomer. I spent all afternoon putting together my contribution:

I made slightly larger versions of my usual mini foods to serve as charms/pendants.

It sort of makes me feel all warm and fuzzy sending these I'm releasing my little babies off into the world!