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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Cute. Overload. For Real.

What is that?!

Only the cutest little bun-bun ever!

Yes, yes, I'm afraid I gone and did it. I got a rabbit. All that CuteOverload-ing could lead to no good, and here she is.
She's an awfully sweet little lap-fluff-pile, though.

So far I'm just trying to stifle urges to pick her up and squeeze her, and letting her get used to her cage. From what I've read, cats and bunnies can coexist, but there'a no way my demon is getting near this baby right now--hopefully when she grows a bit she'll be able to throw her weight around a little more, but they're in separate rooms right now and for some foreseeable future.
I have to find a name for her. So far she's definitely Lady Fluffington or some such ridiculousness, but I need a proper first name. Any ideas?


At 5:37 PM, Blogger Giselle said...


You really should have some sort of warning. Gah.


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