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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Secret FOC package Numero Uno!

I've been awfully remiss about blogging not only about my yarn exploits but about my
awesome Craftster swaps too! I'm currently active in the secret Friend of Craftster (FOC) swap, where you pick a partner and make them several packages--but it's all very secretive and one tries to figure out who their partner is. My first package was adorable and strawberry-themed:

An adorable strawberry print apron (I love it! I've been neeeeeeeeding an apron so badly!) and strawberry mirror
A somewhat bad action shot--I need to get a better one but my in-house photographer is never around when it's light out!

Close-up of the cute strawberry mirror. It makes me want to sit in cafes checking my makeup and checking out cute boys, but of course my SO would probably take issue unless he were the cute boy in question.


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