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Monday, April 03, 2006

Crafty Detective Swap

Craftster had a crafty detective swap, where we "stalked" a given partner to figure out their likes/dislikes and send them a package. My partner received last week according to the DC# but hadn't posted/PMed/etc. and I was a little worried, but as it turns out it was just the usual computer problems--here's what I made:
Two necklaces--she'd asked for natural rather than sparkly, so I tried my best, but I think some sparkles may have slipped through:

Necklace with blue glass beads--the pendant is a piece of coral I found on the beach in barbados, wrapped with silver wire and a sea turtle charm I received from one of the craftsters that spoiled me in the unconditional swap.

This necklace has a big swirly glass bead for a pendant and the body of the necklace has a variety of semi-precious stone chips.

An amigurimi bunny named Isadore--my first amigurumi (I'd never have made one for myself, but I thought she came out rather cute, if I may say so myself.) She'd crocheted out of brushed and regular acrylic with a G hook roughly following this pattern--she didn't quite come out like the one pictured, but I think she looks more "adult" in her proportions.

Cabled fingerless gloves, finished on a long car trip (5 hours for each glove, am I a slow knitter/cabler or what?) Knit from brushed green acrylic on #7 DPNs, roughly following this pattern, except I put ribbing at the tops and bottoms for a neater edge and a band of ribbing down the palm for better fit.

Here's the whole package--I also added some blue stitch markers and a vogue knitting magazine to encourage her knitting, a sea turtle t-shirt for her to recon (and some ribbons, trim, and an eyelet kit--I don't sew/recon so I have no idea what comes in useful...) I hope she enjoys it...


At 5:32 PM, Anonymous Foxylady said...

I think she'll like the package- it's wonderful! You did a fine job on the bunny, and I LOVE the cabled fingerless gloves. ^-^v


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