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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Late Stash Flashing

Ack! I've just returned from a wonderful weekend in the mountains and am catching up on e-mails, craftster, etc. and suddenly it occurs to me that I forgot that I was supposed to be flashing my stash! Ack!
I took some pictures of the stash location prior to leaving, but I didn't end up unpacking all my yarn to take nice, well-lit pictures of it. I don't really have anything terribly drool-worthy anyway...though I did pick up some Schachenmayr Lipomo (10 balls of the mocca color) and some more Gedifra Aragona (in a lovely pink/brown colorway) for a song!
Anyway, you get some pictures of my chaotic crafting room/study (shared with the SO--poor guy basically has nowhere to move what with all the crap...)

Here's my hanging Ikea organizer, stuffed full of yarn and A.C. Moore bags. The circular support of the top compartment has actually collapsed in under the weight of the yarn. If only I had more space, I'd put up another organizer (I got three of them) and re-distribute. Alas. A project for when we move into the new house...

The top shelf of my craft closet--the first bin from the left is filled with FOs (some that I wear, some that I don't), the middle bin actually has little yarn, and the bin on the right has a cotton fair-isle yoked sweater that I started taking apart for yarn and then sort of got bored with. Oh, the brown bag on the left is FILLED with lion brand Jamie Baby yarn. I have enough for about 20 years' worth of friends' babies.

Check it out. the 4 giant gray rubbermaid bins on either side of that closet are packed to bursting with yarn, the two plastic drawers on the floor of the closet are filled with yarn, fabric, and notions (dude, I don't even SEW. why do I have a fabric stash?)The middle bins have a variety of packing materials, various WIPs, and the Amazing Stud Setting Machine.

This is truly the heart of my stash, though it doesn't provide much in the way of yarn porn. It's my excel spreadsheet of my collection--I find everything much more quickly with it--I can sort by color, weight, amount, type, fiber content, yardage, etc. etc. ad nauseum, and it gives locations (bins by number, hanging basket, etc.). My SO laughs every time he sees me open it up, but it's really an invaluable tool.
But yes, I am sort of crazy.
Currently I'm at over 200 balls/skeins/cones of yarn, and growing. Yay!


At 12:31 AM, Blogger Oblivia said...

I forgot I had a blogger...

Anyway, that is some stash! I love the inventory worksheet to locate the goods. heheh I joined a KAL and I am a slower knitter than you are. :)


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