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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Things here have gotten busy and hectic. I'm feeling stressed and unwilling to study, but the studying is piling up nonetheless in a rather unfortunate manner. I started a gray alpaca scarf for my grandfather, but I'm concerned that it's too thin (it's the dk weight "alpaka" one gets from A.C. Moore), so I purchased another two balls of it so I could try to make a scarf doubled up with it...I've yet to make a decision to rip out the 4" in moss stitch I got done while volunteering at the film festival this past weekend.
I'm really excited about the etsy store still...I think about it daily and while I don't have the time to promote/advertise as heavily as I really would need to to get business booming, the sales I make every so often really boost my morale and keep mack in kitty food. (He heard me typing about him and tried to get back into his favorite spot curled around my laptop, right in front of the fan, but I stopped him in time) It's just really gratifying that people actually like the stuff I craft enough to pay their hard-earned money for it. Amazing.
I'm still plodding along on the Creamsicle sweater--I'm halfway up one of the sleeves after I finally gave in and bought another set of #8 dpns--my first set is still on that version of knitty's Shedir that didn't get done in time for christmas, and I don't have the heart to put it on holders, it would REALLY never get finished then.
Anyway, the picture of the day is this dinner tin that I made a while back and never got around to posting--I was so proud of the gravy!


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