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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Wow, it's been a red-letter knitting week for me. Just having taken step 1 of my boards a week ago tomorrow, I've been in a knitting-drought-induced frenzy...I cast on for Slink from Domiknitrix (admittedly the literal CO occurred before the exam) and am about halfway through the back already (am trying to use the piece to pick up continental style knitting, but so far I'm having a tough time sticking to it)
I also cast on for Quant from Knitty (hey, 300+ ravelry-ers can't be wrong...right?). I was concerned when I bought the ball of Berocco's "Love It" that the color runs might be too short, but if anything, they're turning out to be too long. I'm into the third row already and the damn thing hasn't switched colors yet! (The outside of the ball was all blue and green. Who knew that the inside end was brown? Color me surprised.)

But enough warm-up...on to the real accomplishments--two FOs in one week! Admittedly, these guys were languishing, just needing a little finishing, but still. It's got to be a record or something.

FO #1: Craftster Circle Shrug(pattern here):
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Shadows in Dark Moss (used almost exactly 3 skeins - came out with about a yard extra!)
Knit on #9 Bamboo circs, CO 180.
Mods: Did a simple lace rib for the edge/collar for 6". Added a double lace leaf panel in the center of the mock-rib, knit the suggested 20".
The striping is somewhat more subtle in real life, and the green a bit darker and mossier. The yarn was just too pretty to resist--especially given how cheap it was. It was unfortunately somewhat fuzzy--there were a few green furballs generated over the knitting of the piece, which makes me worry about how well it'll hold up in the wash. The design is just perfect--while sometimes the eager-deconstructor craftster mentality is somewhat threatening, I still love me those boards and the tutes that come out of them. The idea is simple, and endlessly flexible, which is just perfect for a gal like me who has to add an extra lace panel here and a cable there. I'm already dreaming of more variations--whether or not they'll ever be knit!

FO #2: Cherie Amour
Pattern: Cherie Amour from Knitty
Yarn: Bernat Softee Chunky in Denim Ombre
Needles: #13 Denise
This was a ridiculously quick knit, and for the past two months has been sitting neglected with about 4 inches left to go on the one sleeve. I finally sat myself down, streamed some lectures, and finished it (took all of...30 minutes?)
Mods: Seamed shoulders first, then picked up 33 st. along each armhole for the sleeves, knitting down (flat, not circular) each sleeve. At 7" long, dec 1 st on ea side on next two RS rows (29 st). At 9", dec 1 st on ea side on next two RS rows (25 st). then I knit until I decided they were long enough (which, in retrospect, does make the sleeves look a teensy bit short, but it'll be perfect for work, where big floppy sleeves hanging out of white coat pockets is both unfashionable and unsanitary.
More pictures on flickr and ravelry...

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Cat Ancestry NEWSFLASH!

This has been a momentous weekend for the larger of our cats, Milo.
You see, for the past months of having him with us we've been uncertain about his pedigree. His face is too three-dimensional to be a persian, yet too long-haired (and un-pointed) to be a siamese, despite his bright blue mildy-crossed eyes. Not to mention the fact that he's a tremendously large-framed cat. Not fat--just big boned. Really!
Well, we've finally figured it out:
He's a Norwegian Forest Cat!
From Wikipedia: "Norwegian Forest Cats have a thick fluffy double-layered coat, tufted ears and a long bushy tail to protect them against the cold. They are very large cats with adult males weighing 6 to 10 kg (13 to 22 lb)....They are not easily stressed and are quite patient...They appreciate high vantage points and enjoy climbing trees, or, if they are indoor cats, climbing on appliances, bookshelves and other elevated surfaces in the home."
The Cat Fancier's Association also describes "These lovely cats are really two for the price of one, they can differ so greatly in looks from summer to winter. Some time in the spring they take off their “winter underwear,” the downy undercoat that provides warmth, and the long non-tangling outer guardhairs that act as protection from rain and snow. The inner-ear hair that deflects the wind and snow (and can be three to four inches long, curving out and around the ear like flexible racing stripes) remains all year.The tail is always magnificent, being as much as twelve inches or more when fanned to its fullest."
It all fits! We even glanced over the breed standards on the CFA site and he'd almost fit the criteria, down to his ruff, his little toe-fur tufts, and hindleg "britches", except for being a tad cross-eyed.
The descriptions also go on to describe them as cats who emerged from the Scandinavian forests to explore the world with Vikings, protecting their grain and leaving progeny in North America. I love it. We're going to call him Milo Fjordnordjanussen from now on.

DNA Cable Fingerless Gloves - Done!

These were actually a quick knit in terms of the time it took to make them, I had just been sitting on them for about two years or so.
They're made with the awesome June Oshiro DNA Cable pattern, adapted onto ribbed fingerless gloves. I'd made the first glove with finger stubs, but decided it didn't look or feel right, so ripped back and made one ribbed opening, which is an improvement.
Specs: Size 4 dpns, navy sport weight wool/acrylic blend obtained in China.
They still need to be blocked to make them look prettier, but I'm already putting them to use keeping my handsies toasty, so we'll see if that ever actually gets done.
Mei wanted in on some of the mitt action.