Knit vs. Crochet

The ongoing drama(?) of a girl torn between two obsessions with too little time.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Shrug in progress?

I made this rectangle of solomon's knot to try to make the shrug from Craftster, but I think I made the knots too large. Urg. I only have one ball of this olive Chic, what's a girl to do? I think it might be rip time.

Leaf Earrings

I love these leaf beads and wanted to make these dangly earrings with them, so I did.
Perhaps my wire skills could be better, but eh.

We have FO!

I finished the shrug for the Craftster Knit/Sew swap. I finished it while watching the Iron Chef Hamburger Battle. Mmm...ground beef. I really hope my swap partner likes it. So nervous!
I've been learning beading techniques out of a book from the library and have determined, basically, that beading (outside of making earrings) is just not for me. My eyes are bad enough as it is and it's just not as fun for me as knitting/crocheting. But here's a few things I made as samples:

L to R: Loom weaving, square stitch, brick stitch.
You don't want to know how long making these tiny little things took.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I told myself it wouldn't happen again...

I went out and bought some more knitting-related items. Aaa! Brain tells me I have no money and will soon be back up to my eyeballs in debt.
Hands just keep on picking things up.
Anyway, I wasn't actually so bad. I only spent like $12.
I bought another copy of the summer Vogue Knitting because mine got lost in the move. Well, technically "misplaced," but I really like a lot of the stuff in this issue and wanted to ensure I had them.
Also, a 40% off coupon at A.C.Moore = new 10.5 short bamboo DPNs. Huzzah! Now I can knit sleeves for large guage sweaters in the round without using the magic loop! (Wow, I bet there are people in the world who go their whole lives without ever thinking about needs like that.)

Monday, July 11, 2005


Oh no! I've moved down to North Carolina and lost all the steam on all my current knitting projects! (You'll notice EVERYTHING is now on the back burner except the shrug I'm working on for the Craftster "Knit but cant sew, sew but can't knit Swap" My partner is making me a skirt and I'm knitting her a shrug. It's very exciting!
I should be able to finish the shrug and have time left to spare to finish up the Tawny Fox I'd started as a gift, and maybe re-vamp the hallowig (the wool just turned out too stiff, itchy, and hot, sadly...) as well. Hmm, let's get to work!

Potholder Set - Finished

Yarn: Acrylic scraps
Hook: J
My mom's old potholders were quite dirty and a little melted, so she commissioned me to make some more. The two on the right are motifs from The Ultimate Sourcebook of Knitting and Crochet Stitches that I added extra rows to enlarge.

Seat Belt Snuggle- Finished

Yarn: Bernat Handcrafter
Hook: J
It's hot in North Carolina in the summer, and those seatbelts sure do chafe those shoulders/collarbones in a tank top.
I'm sure I saw a pattern for something like this on some website or another, but couldn't find it when I went to look for it. Then I was like "why am I wasting my time trying to look for a pattern for a rectangle?!" So I just made a rectangle. I hope to test-drive it (haha) on the car later.