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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wren Wednesday

I have a hanging basket of impatiens on my shady front porch which I've been remembering to water sporadically over the past season. A few weeks ago, I went to water the basket and noticed a lot of sticks and dead leaves in the basket. WTF did those come from? was my thought as I pulled the basket down to clean it.
I was answered by a small bird flying out at and past my head. Feeling rather strangely guilty (excuse me for perturbing you, miss birdie, during your beauty rest in MY hanging basket which you have so kindly filled with crap while squashing my flowers), I replaced the basket and went back inside.
Of course I've been keeping an eye on the contents of the basket over the past weeks, and noted 4 sweet little white and brown speckled eggs which at some point (I check about weekly rather than daily, both out of a desire to let them have their peace and being busy) turned into some rather unattractive naked babies.
About a week later, they've filled in with some downy feathers and are looking rather cute as a result.
As I sit at my dining room, I can hear the babies chirping through the open window, and every so often turn my head to see the parents bringing tasty little treats to them.
It seems odd to me that they chose to nest on my porch, given that my cats' favorite spot to perch is the long window that faces out onto it, but perhaps they enjoy the irony of being stared at all day by cats stuck inside. Or maybe the rocking of the basket just lulls the babies right to sleep...


At 6:08 AM, Blogger Brook said...

aaaawww these are so sweet!!!

At 8:27 AM, Blogger Dre said...

omg!! Some sparrows or something like that totally nested in an air outflow vent in my house (slightly less bucholic). I tried to be all nice and feed them bread crusts, but they dive bombed my head when I got near their nest and then they threw all of my bread crusts out onto the driveway below. Damn sparrows.


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