Knit vs. Crochet

The ongoing drama(?) of a girl torn between two obsessions with too little time.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

DIY Craft Kit Swap

For Craftster's DIY Craft Kit Swap, I made a "Learn to Crochet" Kit for someone:

Apparently I didn't take many pictures of it, but it included:
-illustrated instructions with attached samples of the stitch (in red yarn)
-crochet hooks (a set of my preferred plastics plus an aluminum one
-a stitch gauge/needle sizer
-notions: tapestry needle, tape measure, hair snaps (stitch holders!)
-stitch markers
-crochet booklet and magazine
-purple tote
-skein of practice yarn and skein of pink boucle.
close-up of the stitch markers
I also sent her a little mini jewelry kit (since she'd mentioned that was something she was interested in doing...) Yes, yes, it IS in a 7-day pill organizer--they turn out to be perfect for beads and findings!
Side 1
Side 2

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tasty Cakes Stitch Markers - SOLD!

Aaa! This is so exciting! I've sold two items on Etsy when I never expected to sell any at if I needed encouragement to make more tiny little clay foods...
All packaged up and ready to be eaten...err, shipped.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Covered Tin

I made this box for the lovely craftster that sent me those awesome green bags and crafty goodness a while back--she just let me know she got the package and liked it (yay!), so of course let me show it off here:
edge shot
bottom, with little feet
inside, with stitch markers
In with the purple theme I made some purple stitch markers, and picked up some mauve/purple yarn and the AV book that has the lace & ruffle cardi pattern in it to put in the package as well.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Eating and knitting...pretty much an ideal night!

Last night we had some friends over for dinner--the boy made chicken parm and spinach-ricotta ravioli. Technically I "made" the ravioli, but I was just a sous-chef or line cook or whatever you call it to his Mario Batali. It was delicious. I don't know how he does it but I suspect it's a combination of genetics and a willingness to use a lot of eggs and cheese.
After dinner the boys talked about engineering while I taught D how to knit. I just showed her to cast on using the knit method (there's probably an actual name for it, it's just the way where you knit and pass the loop over) and the knit stitch, but she's pretty well started on a blue variegated scarf. Sure, it's boring that everyone makes a scarf when they first start out, but it's really the best project for getting proficient at the movements of knitting--and more useful than a square potholder of some sort.
I don't know if I'm really a good teacher for anything, but I would like to teach more people how to knit--if nothing else because then I'll have people to stitch and bitch with!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Just Say No whack-ass companies with poor PR consultants.

I know, I know, I'm about half a year late in posting something about this, but you know, I was just waiting for a cute logo to display. Just in case you haven't heard of the Stitch N' Bitch can read a bit about it at the link above, or just google "stitch and bitch lawsuit" for the scoop on this ridiculous company. I don't really have anything to add to the discussion as I'm not a copyright laywer--or, in fact, any type of laywer. Suffice it to say that I'm going to continue stitching and bitching as before.

Meaty Stitch Markers -- SOLD!

Look! My first item sold from my Etsy Store! I sort of winged the packaging but I think it came out pretty cute. Feel free to disagree, but I couldn't find any mini styrofoam trays to wrap them in saran wrap with, so...
Unfortunately I did something stupid. I had packaged them all up and sealed the envelope and brought it up to the counter, requesting for it to be sent first class w/ delivery confirmation. D'OH. It was too thin (less than 3/4ths of an inch thick) and thus couldn't get a DC unless it was sent priority mail. AND I KNEW THIS FACT TOO. So of course like an idiot I ended up spending $4.55 to ship something that normally would have been around $1.50 AT MOST with DC.
Stupid me. At least it will get there faster.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Stitch Markers!

I've gone a little stitch marker crazy. Miniature fimo food + knitting obsession = Stitch Marker Madness. See below:

Mmm, tasty cakes!

I love how this picture of them came out. It reminds me of one of my favorite old-school sites, the fabulous Lilek's Gallery of Regrettable Foods. Obligatory penny shot:

So these I didn't make out of fimo, they're just some cute little pewter charms I picked up.

So I bet you're wondering what I'm going to possibly do with all of these stitch markers. Why, keep them on my unholy army of undead WIPs, of course! And, umm, also, try to hawk 'em on Etsy.

Creamsicle in progress

Look what I got! One of my unspoken New Year's Resolutions (all of my resolutions are unspoken!) was to not buy any more yarn, but this is fine, since I bought it (no lie) the day of the 31st. I was schlepping around Big Lots getting stuff for our new apartment and happened upon bins of yarn for $3 a ball (which is actually expensive by Big Lots standards...) I got the ball of unlabeled railroad ribbon yarn, 12 balls of each color of the Schachenmayr Aurora, and two balls of the nifty green Gedifra Aragona (which I'm trying to think of a good project for...)
I wasn't going to break yet another unspoken resolution (to not start any more projects, especially with that hat still unfinished), but look what happened:

I couldn't help it. The cotton blend tape just felt so lovely and springy and squishy. And the colors remind me of a yummy creamsicle. And I needed a totally mindless TV/lecture project.
For some reason I am still unwilling to just wing it on a sweater pattern, so I scoured my books and magazines for a pattern for a simple, fitted sweater in stockinette with a yoke knit in the round (I know, I know, the simplest formula ever, I'm a wuss.) and found this pattern in the winter Vogue Knitting--of course, my version will look nothing like the one shown--not only is the whole thing going to be bright orange cotton, but I'm going to probably make the neck opening larger, without picot bind-off, and of course, it goes without saying that I'm not doing Fair Isle on the yoke.
So far so good. I chugged out about 6 rows of stockinette today during the catecholamines lecture. Hmm, when put like that, it's sort of depressing how slowly I knit, eh?