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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Creamsicle in progress

Look what I got! One of my unspoken New Year's Resolutions (all of my resolutions are unspoken!) was to not buy any more yarn, but this is fine, since I bought it (no lie) the day of the 31st. I was schlepping around Big Lots getting stuff for our new apartment and happened upon bins of yarn for $3 a ball (which is actually expensive by Big Lots standards...) I got the ball of unlabeled railroad ribbon yarn, 12 balls of each color of the Schachenmayr Aurora, and two balls of the nifty green Gedifra Aragona (which I'm trying to think of a good project for...)
I wasn't going to break yet another unspoken resolution (to not start any more projects, especially with that hat still unfinished), but look what happened:

I couldn't help it. The cotton blend tape just felt so lovely and springy and squishy. And the colors remind me of a yummy creamsicle. And I needed a totally mindless TV/lecture project.
For some reason I am still unwilling to just wing it on a sweater pattern, so I scoured my books and magazines for a pattern for a simple, fitted sweater in stockinette with a yoke knit in the round (I know, I know, the simplest formula ever, I'm a wuss.) and found this pattern in the winter Vogue Knitting--of course, my version will look nothing like the one shown--not only is the whole thing going to be bright orange cotton, but I'm going to probably make the neck opening larger, without picot bind-off, and of course, it goes without saying that I'm not doing Fair Isle on the yoke.
So far so good. I chugged out about 6 rows of stockinette today during the catecholamines lecture. Hmm, when put like that, it's sort of depressing how slowly I knit, eh?


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