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Monday, November 28, 2005

Green Bags

The bags totally deserve their own post:

This is the bigger of the two bags, and while I can't really decide which one I like better, I really love this one a lot.

I don't know enough about fabrics to know what to classify these fabrics other than cool. I love that there's grass stenciled across the front (I'd said my favorite color was grass green!) and that the two (really cute and green) buttons on the fastener conceal a snap closure.

This is made of a snuggly green fleece and is absolutely adorable, in case you couldn't tell. It has a button closure and the sweetest little lace-trimmed pocket inside.

I'd asked for the bag to be big enough to hold a novel and both of these do, comfortably, with lots of room to spare. I'm so happy!
Plus, her sewing skills are amazing. All of the edges and seams are just so neat and perfect that I am just in awe. Go look at her amazing stuff here!


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