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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Grass Scarf WIP

For some reason I suddenly got the urge to make a dropped-stitch scarf after my anatomy exam on Monday (which I rocked, incidentally). This sort of kind of may have coincided with a sale on Fun Fur at A.C. Moore.
I've never really gotten into novelty yarns (outside of my Vegan Fox forays), probably because I just can't picture them making a sweater that doesn't look stupid on me.
I've never gotten into making scarves out of novelty yarn because I've always felt it was sort of like cheating---that instead of making beauty out of the knitted stitches, that you just relied on overpriced/frou-frou yarn to give your FO style and character.
And you know what I've discovered? I was totally right, and I LOVE IT.
Finally, I've hit the instant gratification jackpot. I don't know why I've denied myself for so long. Throw some fun fur, some baby yarn, and some ribbon together, do a bunch of yarn overs and dropping stitches for about an hour, and voila! You have a scarf! A cute, soft, shiny scarf that you can give as a gift to some poor lucky friend!
This one below is for me:

I'm in love with this yarn. It's so ridiculously soft that you swear they must have shaved some really cute, small, helpless animal to make it. (No! It's 100% Nylon!) It comes in colors that have to do with the fall of man (get it? "Eden") like Serpent, Apple, and this one, Fig Leaf. It's got the most fun little blarbs in it. (Like slubbing, but these are actually disconnected roving-like ovals spun into the main fibers = Blarbs. Duh.)
This scarf is looking so pretty to me that I sometimes take a step back and wonder: if I weren't a knitter, would I find this attractive or repulsive? Has looking at novelty yarns for too long convinced me (wrongly) of their aesthetic appeal?
No. I love it.


At 11:22 PM, Anonymous kessa said...

I didn't like novelty yarns much in the beginning either. But the 'new-improved' ones are so much better in terms of design n quality... Thats a gorgeous scarf you've made!


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