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Monday, September 27, 2004

Horrible Harness

From: My twisted mind

Yarn: Red acrylic
Hook: I
Being that I am crazy, I thought it might be sort of fun for Mack to take little trips into the back yard. It's fenced in, but I'd feel better if he was on a harness. He moves fast for someone whose legs are 4 inches long. Frustrated by the lack of small-size harnesses at the store, I took matters into my own hands. I crocheted this very simple harness on the train this morning and sewed some buttons on just now for fasteners. It's so cute. I managed to slip it on him while he was nibbling a snack. I will translate the look in his eyes in the above picture: "WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME?!" After the picture was taken, he began trying to bite it off. I got it off him without losing any fingers, but the little guy might never trust me again.


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