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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Tiny Tank WIP

from Make it with Mademoiselle

Yarn: Red Heart Soft Baby in Sky Blue
Needles: #3
I've been working on this project probably longer than anything else in my backlog. That's K1, P1 rib, BTW, on everything but the top right (top of front)...on #3s...aaaa. I'm really not a big mindless-monotonous-knitting person. I like variety, even if only the occasional twist or cable, to keep me interested. I had sort of put this away for the winter (to make foxes on big needles and the like), but with the hints of spring that the crazy NY weather has been peppering the end of this interminable winter with (say that ten times fast), I decided to pull it back out and give it a shot. I've actually made pretty good progress on it this week on the train! Look! I'm halfway up a boob already!


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