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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Minisweater WIP

from Glampyre

Yarn: Bernat Breeze in Violet Crush
Needles: Denise #9 Circular
I'd bought this yarn at the Smiley's sale a few months back and I loved the cute purple/indigo color, but I could not for the life of me think of anything to make with it (it's a very fluffy and slubbed) other than a baby blanket. The only baby arriving for a friend is a boy, and I wanted to make something with this for myself, dagnabit.
The yarn is definitely too thick for the pattern, but does knit up to gauge. It's a little "tight" but it still feels nice. You must excuse how it looks in the picture, it's not misshapen in real life, the sleeves are just on two different lengths of cord. I may have stopped the sleeve/body increases a row too soon, but we'll see what happens. I might try to knit the sleeves in the round using the magic loop. And did I mention that I LOOOVE the denise set, particularly with this pattern? It's fantastic how I can just extend the length of the cord when I want to try on the sweater. Love it.


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