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Saturday, October 16, 2004

WIP - Grey 17-9 Scarf

Yarn: Unknown Grey (Gray?) Wool on a cone
Needles: #9 and #17
The label on the inside of the cone gives the color as "Tangerine" so I don't think it's correct. (By no stretch of the imagination or the digital camera's vagaries would this tweedy grey color be appropriately named after a citrus fruit.)
The cold weather is doing horrible things to me as far as projects go--I want to make something quick to wear like a scarf or a hat or mittens since it's getting chilly out, but instead of finishing what projects I have I keep just starting new ones hoping they'll go faster.
I've. Got. To. Stop. Just now I started looking at patterns for kitty hats online.
This scarf is definitely a product of this cold-weather-itch--I figured making a scarf with 9s and 17s (so...clinky...aaaaa!) would do the trick but it's still not going as fast as I'd like. Rawr!


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