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Friday, July 21, 2006

My first wrap skirt

So, way back when (say, 2-3 months ago), I got the idea to make a reversible wrap skirt, inspired (as usual) by someone on craftster. Of course, what I forgot was that said person had way more sewing skillz and most likely a sewing machine in working order (which I THOUGHT I had, but was mistaken.)
So off I go to the nearby thrift store (which, as it turns out, has really expensive prices for a thrift store) to get a record for another project, and end up coming across a convenient pattern for a wrap skirt. I go "WTH" and buy it for $1 or something and come home and start slaving away.
Ok, so first of, nobody ever told me what a pain in the a-- it is to lay out and cut pattern pieces. Maybe they did, but I was busy drinking, or my brain was ignoring it because, come ON, when am I EVER going to try to sew something? I lose.
The pressing and pinning and sewing together of pieces was actually ok up to the waistband, which I had (from previous experience with making a ribbon belt or two) decided to make out of contrasting 1" ribbon rather than bands of skirt fabric. During the sewing of the waistband, the machine stalled, and had to be taken apart/re-oiled/tinkered with by the boy. He claims he didn't touch the tension knob, but the machine just hasn't been the same since. The tension was wayyyy off and the machine was doing all sorts of hideous loose stitching, no matter what I tried to do to the knob (which hovered between stuck too tightly to the machine body to popping out on me). Also, the machine continued to stall (probably due to aforementioned tension issues) and I gave up on sewing the waistband and threw the whole damn project into a box, occasionally taking it out and attempting to sew hideously on it before giving up again.
I spent an entire day on Monday wresting with the sewing machine and got the skirt finished, in a manner of speaking. Here it is in all its glory:

Yes, it's reversible, and yes, it needs to be pressed.
Close-up on the best and worst of the waistband/tie stitching:

Incidentally this was made with Simplicity #7391 in case anyone's interested. The skirt ended up being rather heavy but pretty flattering (nothing like a wrap skirt to fit even after a week at an all-inclusive) and had it not been for my inability to fix the f--ed up machine tension I would have been really happy with how it turned out. As it is, I still might weat it but the stitching will embarrass the hell out of me.


At 7:07 PM, Blogger Oblivia said...

I love all of these projects! The stenciling thing is something I could get into, but I need to work on my foreign language kick first. ;)

At 8:29 AM, Blogger Sara said...

The stenciling thing is really a fabulous sort of instant-gratification project (esp. after weeks spent on an endless knitting WIPs)
Craftster is a great resource for tutorials :)


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