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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A craft run

I did the unthinkable. I went to Michael's. AND A.C. Moore. I was just going to exchange some Clover DPNs, and I ended up buying:
-Two sets of knitting-themed notecards - $1 ea.
-A 2006 calendar of antique maps - $0.89
-1 lb. of yellow acrylic "mill end" yarn - $3.50
-1 lb of black chenille "mill end" yarn - $5
-A Lacis yarn winder - $20 (after 40% coupon)
I've wanted a yarn winder (and a swift too) for the longest time. I've had these lovely hanks of yarn languishing in my phenomenally large stash for lack of winding.
Unfortunately this one (Picture from the Lacis site here) is somewhat...disappointing. I guess I'm used to the relatively high quality-to-price dynamic of most consumer appliances--i.e. I can get a nice working electronic coffee maker that works well and looks nice on a counter for about $15. The yarn winder, with a $35 retail price, is by comparison not a lot for your money. The clamp on this one doesn't seem to work (which is integral to its function, really.) and it looks and feels cheaply made. I know, I know, it's only capitalism and globalization that's making it possible for me to have such high expectations of a $20 machine, and I realize that there's a more limited market for yarn winders, but I'm still disappointed.
This baby's going back.


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