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Monday, September 12, 2005

Consumerism, aaa!

I bought this over the weekend. I'd seen a pattern for a similar sweater with the pockets detail somewhere on the web and fantasized about when I'd get around to knitting it, but for $23 I couldn't even buy the yarn.
I started another sweater. It's going to be a slightly modified Ubernatural from Glampyre. Of course, I didn't find the corrections (or read carefully through the directions, for that matter) before casting on so I had to frog a row or two upon discovering that I was a few stitches short. (I did decide while knitting that there was supposed to be a K as well as the PM between the two YOs in row 2.)
I'm using two strands of Cottontots held together--one white and one blue. Now, before you mock me, I know that sounds like I'm either going to look like a baby boy or a die-hard UNC fan (neither of which, of course, I am) but I think it'll actually make a very nice wearable sweater with the two strands together making a sort of tweedy effect. I'd post pictures but I'm too lazy to go get the camera today.
After all, I should really be catching up on about 12 lectures for school...since I have two exams next Monday...
I should really put myself in a no-knit zone. Which definitely includes knit-blogosphere-ing.


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