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Thursday, April 07, 2005


The antique store/flea market shop down the street had bins of free books out last night. Fighting with hipsters to get at their contents, we came up with about 30 awesome free books--ancient engineering books for the SO and great classics of literature for me, including:
Saul Bellow's To Jerusalem and Back and Herzog (how timely...)
Leaves of Grass (also timely, 150 years! how time does fly...)
The Great Gatsby
Jane Eyre
Story of O
Countless Agatha Christies (if I hadn't read just about all her mysteries when I was about 10, I might have taken all of the numerous ones in the pile...they're addictive like candy!)
And I even left a few for other people....!

Mack readies himself for a trip to 1968 Paris avec un Michelin guide and Larousse de Poche.

More free books!


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