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Sunday, March 20, 2005


I get wierd compulsions to try this or that new crafty thing every so often, and every time I do, I lose all patience and MUST have the requisite supplies NOW NOW NOW. The last time this happened for the marble magnets thing and I was skipping out on work to run to the hardware store for silicone sealant...yikes. The latest obsession was experimenting with Kool-Aid dyeing...

Before dying--two sets of various yarns from my stash--I know that cottons and acrylics won't dye, but I was just interested to see what effects would happen with some blended yarns and to the cottons.
The two big swatches on top were from testing out lace patterns for my Cleo.
Second row, L: 100% wool tapestry yarn, sport-weight acrylic, "wool" from China.
Bottom row, L: Paton's Divine, mohair from China, grey mystery wool(?)
On the right, I replaced the sport-weight acrylic with a random crochet thread flower.

While rinsing...I forgot I'd bought three colors and threw in some more random bundles. Upper left: Grape Berry Splash. Upper Right: Orange. Bottom: Grape Illusion.

An overview of the results:
Cotton swatches look, unsurprisingly, like they were stained with Kool-Aid. The mohair and tapestry wool took up the colors BEAUTIFULLY and the Divine might be good if I'm looking for a light pastel. The "wool" from China didn't dye well AT ALL and the mystery grey yarn ended up with a sort of hideous halo of color around the grey center. The Grape Berry splash turned out a little too dark for my taste, but the Grape Illusion (red, at bottom) is a really lovely shade of red.

A closeup of the yarn dyed with Orange flavor. I really like how the mohair looks after Kool-Aid. I'll definitely be knitting something with it as soon as I figure out what it will be.


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