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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bead Night Thursday

My workspace tonight
I came home from work today to a clean apartment (tidied up, vacuumed, washed...) and a table full of flowers and a note waiting for me. Excuse me please for bragging (or don't--fine, be that way...) but I have the greatest SO ever. He's worked the day and night shifts for the past week and hasn't gotten any sleep and my birthday isn't even until Sunday. (That's FOUR dozen roses, FYI. Ahh...)
I was playing around with beads tonight:

From L to R:
-Dainty Earrings- I only had cream colored size 10 thread, I don't know if I like the results enough to make another one.
-Add-a-bead earring, sort of ugly, sort of cute.
-African Net Earring,- this came out way too big and floppy for an earring (it was meant to be made in delicas and I made it in size E) so maybe a pendant?
-freestyle experimenting- again, can't decide if this is cute or stupid.


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