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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Mobius Stole WIP

Ugh, looking at my list of unfinished projects is giving me indigestion. I want to rip up half of them and get the other half over and done with.
I've been knitting furiously on this pink mo(e)bius stole--while watching the LOTR trilogy on DVD (good googly-moogly, why did they make Aragorn so HOTTTT?!), on the train to work and back. This picture is about 25 rows back from where I am right now, but the digital camera is with the boy who is off engineering things.
I'm sending my mom the Rib and Cable mittens (drying on the blocking board as we type) for her birthday, imperfect as they are. I hope they fit...and that she doesn't laugh at me for my lack of casting-on skills.


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