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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Death of a Sweater

In case you all haven't gathered from the contents of this blog, I am crazy and like to waste vast amounts of time. My latest attempt at such:
Taking apart a thrift-store sweater for yarn.
Step 1) Drag loving boyfriend to thrift store during one of his short visits down here.
Step 2) Find and buy large sweater.
Step 3) Try to take apart sweater.
The sweater I bought is cotton, with sleeves and body worked separately up to a yolk that is worked in the round in fair-isle colorwork. It was actually not such a hideous sweater, and really rather beautifully made. Oh well. Here's a pictures of the carnage:
I've taken apart the yolk and taken apart all but the cuff of one sleeve. Here's what I have so far:

The biggest ball on the lower left is the sleeve. I think I should perhaps have used a niddy-noddy (is that what you spell/call them?) rather than the edge of a binder to make my skeins. Oh well. We'll see what happens. The balls are currently enjoying a relaxing soak in warm water. That sounds nice, doesn't it?


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