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Monday, February 13, 2006


So this weekend I picked up some women's undershirts in order to try my hand at embellishing clothing. Needless to say, I am no seamstress, and no fashion designer either. So this is what came out of it:

The grey tank has some vintage lace seam binding (I wasn't going to do anything else with it, that's for sure...) poorly handsewn around the neckline, and the pink bow is from a fondue kit and is detachable (via a pin).

The black tank has the "queen of hearts" design courtesy of my "Incredible Stud Setting Machine" i.e. the ghetto-style BeDazzler I got off eBay years ago. Let me tell ya...NOT WORTH THE TIME. Every other stone I had to pry out and straighten the prongs of the setting because the damn thing just didn't work like it was supposed to. The settings still look wonky enough that you guys don't get a close-up.
So in conclusion, I am never going to be a fashion designer.


At 3:05 PM, Anonymous Sandra said...

Nice work. I really like it! And you gave me an idea how to refresh some of my girls' shirts and indershurts!


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